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Congresswoman McCollum's Remarks for 2014 Clean Energy and Jobs Rally

April 24, 2014

Thank you, Javier! Happy Earth Day everyone!  I’m excited to be here for this year’s Clean Energy and Jobs Rally at our state’s capitol.

Our state is a leader in promoting renewable energy, investing in innovative green technology, and protecting our natural resources.

Minnesotans should be proud of the work being done by our governor and state legislators in promoting solar and wind energy. 

Our state’s elected leaders and business leaders are putting Minnesota on the forefront of a clean energy revolution. That’s good for our environment and it means jobs right here at home.

There are serious challenges facing our environment and our economy. We have clean, renewable energy we can harness that will power our economy, create good jobs, and protect our environment. Climate change is not a distant problem.  It is happening right here, right now.  

The only way we are going to slow climate change, protect our planet, and keep our economy growing is to create a clean energy economy with Minnesota and the United States at the forefront.

Minnesotans know climate change is real. Everyday, Minnesotans are uniting across the state to combat the effects of climate change in big ways and small. 

  • Communities like Oakdale are investing in solar panels to cut emissions and lower energy costs.
  • Schools like Battle Creek Elementary are teaching students the science of climate change and the dangers of inaction.
  • And companies like District Energy here in St. Paul are implementing energy efficient grids that deliver cost savings while making Minnesota a magnet for 21st century green technology.

A big part of my job is to take Minnesota’s commitment to clean energy and jobs to Congress. There are still too many Members of Congress who deny climate change, reject clean energy solutions, and are determined to expand our carbon foot print. 

It’s time for these dinosaurs to get out of our way! It is time we reject the climate deniers and get on with the business of powering our plant and fueling our economy with clean energy!

Today, folks from labor, environment, and faith communities are coming together because WE believe that we have a stake in our environmental future and it’s time to act.

  • That it’s important to protect our water and land resources.
  • That it’s important to build a 21st century energy grid that lowers our carbon footprint, promotes energy independence, and creates jobs.
  • And that it’s CRITICAL to move forward for the sake of future generations.

Thank you for your commitment and continued dedication to pushing Minnesota forward!