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Congresswoman McCollum's Statement on 100th Anniversary of IBEW Local 110

July 25, 2012
Statements For the Record

Mr. Speaker, today I rise to honor the 100th anniversary of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 110 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the hundreds of working families the union represents.

IBEW Local 110 has earned an honored place in the Minnesota labor tradition.  From the earliest days of the union, even before its formal charter on July 29, 1912, Minnesota electrical workers began banding together to form an organization that would help protect workers and their families.  These efforts provided a voice for workers and began the roots of a new local union. 

Membership in the new Local 110 proved valuable for workers and their families.  The union set a standard for all workers in our state and provided much needed resources for safety, skills training, fair wages and retirement security.  This support became even stronger through Local 110’s decision to affiliate with the allied unions of the Saint Paul Building Trades Council.

Times were at once exciting and challenging for early Minnesota electrical workers.  From 1910 to 1913, sixty of their fellow brothers died due to illness and accidents caused by frequently dangerous work environments.  In order to combat the alarmingly high number of deaths within the industry, Local 110 began its first apprenticeship program to educate its members, and made sure that they were properly protected in the field.  During June of 1913, the first test for those members that worked with electricity was held, and all members were required to take the examination. Through the efforts of the local union, every member passed the test.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 110 has always made sure their members were given the highest standard of care and consideration.  Today, this band of brothers now includes sisters.  Local 110 has grown to represent 2100 members in 13 counties of Minnesota.  The union remains focused on creating positive relationships between workers and their employees as well as elevating the standards within the industry.

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to submit this extension of remarks to honor the members and families of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 110 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this proud union.