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Congresswoman McCollum's E-newsletter: Gun Violence Prevention, Green Jobs, and More

April 22, 2013

Congresswoman McCollum: Boston’s Nightmare is Over
Last Friday evening, law enforcement captured Boston bombings suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev.  Early that morning, his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed during a shootout with police.  Congresswoman McCollum immediately responded to the news.  

“The people of Boston and Americans all across the country experienced the horror and tragedy of a terrorist attack.  Yet today, because of the tireless determination and bravery of local, state, and federal law enforcement, this nightmare has ended with the perpetrators of this vicious crime dead and in custody,” said Congresswoman McCollum.  “In the days ahead, my prayers are with the victims of this attack--including a fallen police officer--and all the people of Boston who showed the world great strength and resolve."  

McCollum Vows to Keep Fighting for Common-Sense Gun Violence Prevention Legislation 
On Wednesday, Senate Republicans blocked bipartisan legislation to expand background checks on firearms sold over the Internet and at gun shows.  The measure failed 54 to 46 – a six votes short of passage. 

“The President said this vote was not the end of the American people’s efforts to address gun violence. I agree,” said Congresswoman McCollum.  "Throughout my career, I’ve been a staunch advocate for common-sense measures such as comprehensive background checks, reinstating the assault weapons ban, and closing the gun show loophole.  I remain fully determined to help these measures become law.” 

2013 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference: “We don’t have to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy planet”
Last week, Congresswoman McCollum addressed the Blue Green Alliance’s Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference – an event that highlights efforts to promote a green economy while creating jobs. 

“We need to be focused on reinvesting in the foundation of what has made this a great nation!  This is the time to make a major reinvestment in infrastructure and a modern smart power grid,” said Congresswoman McCollum.  “If you want to diagnose our condition, you could say American workers built the bones of this country, but at this point we’re in need of a hip replacement!” 

DEADLINE TODAY: 2013 Congressional Art Competition 
Today marks the deadline for the 2013 Congressional Art Competition.  Every year, a nation-wide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This competition is open to all high school students in Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District. Winners will be announced next month at St. Paul’s Union Depot.