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Congresswoman Betty McCollum's eNewsletter

March 4, 2011

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Congresswoman McCollum Questions EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
During a Congressional hearing yesterday, Congresswoman McCollum questioned EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on the agency's budget request as well as the environmental impacts of the Republicans' drastic budgetary reductions. As Republicans continue to slash federal spending, regulatory agencies, including the EPA, will be critically limited in enforcing environmental regulations.

"We support your mission to enforce our nation's laws to make the air we breathe cleaner and the water we drink safer," said Congresswoman McCollum to EPA Administrator Jackson. "We know that we do face tough fiscal times and difficult choices must be made, but the one thing that can never be sacrificed is the health of our children, our seniors, and our most vulnerable populations..."

Congresswoman McCollum's Calls Out Union Busters in Wisconsin and Ohio
With Republican governors attempting to crack down on unions and strip them of their collective bargaining rights, Congresswoman McCollum made a passionate speech on the floor of the House of Representatives this week.

"It is time for Americans to stand up and fight for the rights of workers to organize and negotiate for safe working conditions, living wages, and basic benefits. It is time to stand up and fight against the attacks launched by union busting Republican governors and their corporate sponsors," said Congresswoman McCollum.

Congresswoman McCollum Questions Commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) James Mattis During Appropriations Hearing
Civil unrest across the Middle East was of concern to Congresswoman McCollum as she questioned United States Marine Corps General and CENTCOM Commander James Mattis, during an appropriations hearing this week. Uprisings in Bahrain, Egypt, and Yemen could threaten the progress of U.S. military projects in the region. Congresswoman McCollum questioned contingency plans for these projects as well as consequences if these projects are delayed.

Congresswoman McCollum Undeterred in Her Attempt to Eliminate Government Waste as Congress Protects Tens of Millions in Taxpayer Funds to NASCAR
The House of Representatives finalized a spending bill that will fund the federal government through September 30, 2011. The Republican House majority eliminates support for homeless veterans and makes deep cuts into federal investments in community health, women's health, and environmental protection.

"We're all making tough, tough choices on what to cut here," said Congresswoman McCollum during an MSBC interview. "'s a choice between cutting homeless veterans' projects and kicking kids off of Head Start or not having our tax dollars go sponsor race car drivers at the tune of...$20 million in one year. I just don't see that we can afford that right now."

Emphasizing Federal Support, Congresswoman McCollum Speaks to the American Association of Museums (AAM)
This week, Congresswoman McCollum addressed the American Association of Museums (AAM) to emphasize the need for the federal government to support America's museums - a critical learning resource for our communities.

"America and Minnesota have great museums because our citizens and elected leaders have chosen to invest in you," said Congresswoman McCollum. "This has been done through various partnerships between patrons, benefactors, business, and government at the local, state, and federal levels - everyone coming together to build a better future."

Great museums across the Twin Cities area include: the Science Museum, the Goldstein Museum of Design, the Minnesota Children's Museum, the Minnesota Historical Center, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Ramsey House, and the Bell Museum.

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