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McCollum Statement on Resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

February 14, 2017
Press Release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) released the following statement on the resignation of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor:

“National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation exposes a White House in chaos and makes it obvious that a full investigation of President Donald Trump’s close ties to the Russian government is in order.

“By all accounts, the National Security Council is in disarray. This turmoil is dangerous for our security, undermines global stability, and sends a terrifying message to our allies and partners around the world. As part of that mayhem, Mr. Flynn resigned only after it was made public that he conspired with Russian officials just weeks after Russia attacked our electoral process to benefit President Trump. According to numerous reports, the Trump administration was made aware of Mr. Flynn’s conduct weeks ago but did nothing until it was revealed by the press.

“Given the serious nature of these disturbing events, the American people deserve the immediate appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Mr. Flynn, the Trump campaign, and the Trump administration about their relationships with Russia and Russian officials before, during, and after the election. Responsible Republicans must stand with Democrats, put country before party, and hold Mr. Flynn and the Trump administration accountable to the American people.”