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McCollum Statement on Labor Day

September 5, 2016
Press Release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) released the following statement ahead of Labor Day:

“On Monday, Labor Day, we celebrate the success of America’s working men and women, past and present, who built our great country and created a strong middle class. Through organizing and bargaining, the American labor movement established the bedrock values that we often take for granted such as the minimum wage, the 40-hour work week, and safety and health measures that protect workers on the job.

This Labor Day, we must redouble our efforts to put working families first and to help every Minnesotan and American secure their economic future. When the 2008 financial crisis devastated many working families in Minnesota and across the United States, Congressional Democrats and President Obama worked together to stabilize our economy and begin an economic recovery.

As that recovery continues, Minnesotans and Americans are still rightfully concerned about economic security. I hear every day from constituents who are worried about job security and their wages keeping pace with inflation. Young workers in our community wonder whether they will ever have enough money to buy a home or someday start a family. Working parents are concerned about how they will afford college tuition for their children. Seniors and people nearing retirement worry about both their financial security and whether Social Security will be there for them.

This Labor Day, we must start with a clear principle: No one working 40 hours a week in America should live in poverty. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage to help lift millions of working Americans out of poverty.  And I am proud to co-sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act to finally close the pay gap between women and men.

To help our young people find jobs and make it easier for families to afford college, Congress must act to improve workforce training and reduce the cost of tuition. And seniors in our community have my promise that I will always work to defend and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

Especially important to Minnesota families this year is protecting American workers and consumers from a very bad trade deal – the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Our elected leaders should always put the wellbeing of working people ahead of corporate profits, which is why we must defeat TPP. I will continue to use my Congressional oversight authority to oppose TPP and instead support trade agreements that reflect the interests of hard working Americans.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of America’s working women and men this Monday, we also must remember that there is more work to do to guarantee economic security for working families.”