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McCollum Honors 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics Minnesota

June 20, 2013
Press Release


Washington D.C. — On Wednesday, June 19th, Congresswoman McCollum submitted to the Congressional Record a statement honoring the 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics Minnesota.  Special Olympics Minnesota, founded in 1973, is dedicated towards providing essential life skills development through sports to all persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. This year, Special Olympics Minnesota will be holding a 40th anniversary commemorative ceremony in Stillwater, MN on June 21st.

Honoring the 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics Minnesota

Ms. McCOLLUM: Mr. Speaker, today I rise to pay tribute to the athletes, volunteers and fans of Special Olympics Minnesota in honor of their 40th anniversary. This weekend, thousands of people will be gathering in Stillwater, Minnesota to celebrate this momentous milestone with a variety of activities, including athletic competitions and live music.

Founded just five years after Special Olympics was established nationally, thousands upon thousands of Minnesota athletes with intellectual or physical disabilities have had the opportunity to compete in 17 Olympic style sports year round, including alpine skiing, volleyball, golf, snowboarding and tennis. The Special Olympics message is simple and profound: “Through sports, our athletes are seeing themselves for their abilities, not disabilities. Their world is opened with acceptance and understanding. They become confident and empowered by their accomplishments.” Rather than focusing on what they can't do, Special Olympics Minnesota focuses on what the individual can do.

Respect, accomplishment, choice, quality, partnership and integrity are the six core values represented by Special Olympics Minnesota. These values contribute to an understanding of the whole person and the whole athlete.

This year, members of our law enforcement in Minnesota are participating in the Law Enforcement Torch Run, which has taken place annually across the country since it was founded in 1981 by Police Chief Richard LaMunyon, of Wichita, Kansas. In 2012, more than 1,200 law enforcement officers throughout the State of Minnesota participated in this special torch run for Special Olympics Minnesota. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the officers, $3 million was successfully raised for Special Olympics Minnesota in 2012.

Mr. Speaker, in honor of the athletes, volunteers, donors and staff of Special Olympics Minnesota, I proudly submit this statement to the Congressional Record in recognition of their 40th anniversary as an organization, and I commend all those joining in celebration this weekend in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Congresswoman McCollum serves on the Appropriations Committee