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Congresswoman McCollum: Another Political Gimmick from the House GOP That Only Brings U.S. Closer to Economic Crisis

July 19, 2011
Press Release

Contact: Maria Reppas, (202) 225-6631 / (202) 527-0149

Radical Tea Party Republican Attempt to Balance Budget Instead Ends Medicare as We Know It

Washington, DC – Today, the House Republicans' crusade to end Medicare continues as they push their Cut, Cap, and Balance Act (H.R. 2560) through Congress. Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives, blasting the latest Republican attempt to reward the America's wealthiest individuals while burdening the middle class and seniors.

"The bill on the floor right now is a political gimmick, a stunt, and not a serious effort. But, this bill does reflect Republican values. This Republican bill protects the wealthiest Americans. This Republican bill pummels seniors and the middle class. And, no surprise, this bill panders, even grovels, to Tea Party extremists. This bill will end the Medicare guarantee. This bill will kill jobs. And, thank goodness, this bill will never pass the Senate. This bill will never become law.

"The Republican majority is wasting precious time as the clock ticks and ticks closer to default and economic disaster. The Republican majority is choosing to bring America to the brink of default for reasons that have everything to do with politics and nothing to do with responsible governing. The American people reject the Tea Party's dangerous brand of Armageddon economics.

"It is time to take responsibility for paying America's bills and raise the debt ceiling without the Tea Party gimmicks and games. This Congress needs to take a serious stand and get busy creating jobs, putting people back to work, and getting this economy growing. Let's end the debate on this radical legislation right now Let's get to the real work of cutting deficits, creating jobs, and growing the economy."

Congresswoman Betty McCollum serves on the House Appropriations and Budget Committees.