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McCollum Statement on the Release of the Mueller Investigation Report

April 18, 2019
Press Release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) released the following statement regarding the release of the Mueller investigation report: 

Americans should be relieved that the President of the United States was not found to have colluded with Russia to commit treason. The fact that it took a twenty-two-month inquiry by hundreds of federal investigators to prove this does speak volumes about Mr. Trump’s character. What was achieved by Robert Mueller’s investigation were the indictments and convictions of corrupt Trump campaign officials, including the president’s former campaign chairman, deputy chairman, and White House national security advisor.

Also, proven definitively is the fact that Russia attacked our democracy with the intent of electing Donald Trump president. Russia’s success influencing the 2016 election will undoubtedly result in a repeat effort to influence our electoral process in 2020 with the same intent – electing Mr. Trump. The president’s chronic proclivity to lie, as well as attack and undermine the integrity of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, makes our nation exceedingly vulnerable to on-going Russian election interference. It is also clear that this White House is completely failing to protect our nation from future Russian meddling and influence attacks. Congress needs to ask why.

Looking ahead, Congress has the obligation to examine every detail in the Mueller investigation, subpoena key sources to testify, and conduct open hearings into presidential obstruction of justice, ongoing Russian meddling, and oversight into national security actions to defend our democracy.  Our nation was attacked and our commander-in-chief is failing to protect us.

On numerous occasions in 2016 Mr. Trump publicly invited Russia and Wikileaks to meddle in our election process. His rhetoric and conduct – then and now – have been reprehensible and cause damage the Office of the President and the presidency.  I do not take our democracy for granted.  It requires committed citizens and leaders willing to pursue the truth, promote justice, and defend our democracy. Congress must forcefully take on this role because President Trump is both too tainted and simply incapable of doing it.