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McCollum Statement on Appropriations Committee Passing FY 2020 Financial Services and General Government Funding Bill

June 11, 2019
Press Release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) today joined House Appropriations Democrats in voting to approve the FY 2020 Financial Services and General Government funding bill, which provides $24.55 billion to support critical functions and services in both the Executive and Judicial branches that are essential to the operation of the federal government.

The bill includes provisions important to Minnesotans and the American people:

  • Election Security: The bill provides $600 million for Election Security Grants to augment state efforts to improve the security and integrity of elections for federal office. Additionally, the bill report requests the Federal Election Commission (FEC) meet proper staffing levels in order to meet its mission, and directs the FEC to submit a report on how it plans to address issues of transparency within digital political advertising on social media platforms.
  • E-Recycling: The bill directs the General Services Administration (GSA) to report on efforts to promote electronic waste recycling within the federal government. Proper e-recycling conserves natural resources, ensures safe handling of toxic materials, provides a more sustainable source of precious metals, and protects human health and the environment.
  • Small Business: The bill provides $2 million for Native American Outreach and to facilitate Native contractors’ participation in SBA’s Business Development Program, HUB Zone, Women’s Business Centers, Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business programs. The bill also includes funding to streamline the alcohol labeling process, which will help boost small breweries in Minnesota and across the nation.
  • Consumer Protections: The bill funds the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at $135.5 million, which is $8.5 million above the 2019 enacted level and the budget request.
  • Safe Banking: No funds in this bill can be used to penalize a bank solely because it provides financial services to state-legal marijuana businesses a manufacturer, producer, or person that participates in a business or organized activity that involves handling marijuana, marijuana products, or marijuana proceeds in a state where marijuana is legal.
  • Tribal Broadband Access: The bill allocates $500,000 to the Office of Native Affairs and Policy to improve Tribal access to broadband.
  • Federal Workers: The bill includes a provision to provide a 3.1% pay raise to civilian federal workers in 2020.
  • Government Ethics: The bill report urges the Office of Government Ethics to increase the frequency of National Government Ethics Summits, and to increase engagement with designated ethics officials across agencies to reaffirm the importance of ethics.

The FY 20 Financial Services and General Government funding bill helps protect consumers, assist small businesses, help distressed communities, and safeguard our federal elections,” Congresswoman McCollum said. “I strongly support this bill’s investments in small businesses, especially supporting Native American, veteran, and women-owned businesses, as well as Minnesota’s many small brewers. This bill also supports federal workers, many of whom are still recovering from President Trump’s lengthy government shutdown, as well as boosts ethics training for senior government officials.”  

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