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McCollum Signs Discharge Petition to Force Vote on Independent Commission to Investigate Trump-Russia Ties

May 17, 2017
Press Release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) and House Democrats today signed a discharge petition to force a House vote on establishing an independent commission to investigate President Donald Trump, his associates, and their close ties to Russia.

“Every day, we learn more about President Trump’s inappropriate conduct, whether it is interfering in pending FBI investigations of his administration or sharing state secrets with top Russian officials,” Congresswoman McCollum said. “The American people must have confidence in their leaders, which is why we need accountability and transparency about the Trump administration's many scandals. This will come only from an independent commission and a special prosecutor to investigate this out-of-control President.”

The discharge petition Congresswoman McCollum signed today would force a House vote on the Protecting Our Democracy Act (H.R. 356)bipartisan legislation that establishes an outside, independent commission to investigate the Trump-Russia scandal. Thus far, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has refused to schedule a vote on the bipartisan bill and House Republicans have voted seven times to block its consideration in the House. Under the House's rules, if a majority of Representatives sign the petition, the bill will be brought up on the House Floor for a vote.

“My Democratic colleagues and I are ready to create an independent commission, but we need Republican votes to do so. By refusing to take action to investigate President Trump, House Republican leadership has become part of the cover up,” Congresswoman McCollum said. “My Republican colleagues who care about protecting our democracy should join me in signing this discharge petition.”

In addition to supporting the Protecting Our Democracy Act to establish an independent commission, Congresswoman McCollum supports:

  • Appointment of a special prosecutor. The firing of Director Comey and the compromised status of Attorney General Jeff Sessions demonstrates that this administration cannot be trusted to investigate itself. Congresswoman McCollum supports the appointment of an independent special prosecutor. If the Justice Department refuses to appoint one, Congresswoman McCollum supports establishing a special prosecutor by legislation.
  • Subpoenas and hearings into President Trump’s interference in the FBI investigation. With Director Comey’s memos suggesting President Trump attempted to obstruct and stop the FBI’s investigation, Congresswoman McCollum has called on House Republicans to issue subpoenas and conduct hearings into President Trump and his White House’s interference with the ongoing investigation of Trump, his associates, and Russia.
  • Full briefing for the House on President Trump’s disclosure of state secrets to Russian officials. On Monday, Congresswoman McCollum described President Trump’s discussion of state secrets with senior Russian officials in the Oval Office as either grossly incompetent, extremely sinister, or both. The House must know how much damage President Trump’s recklessness caused to our national security.
  • Legislation to force the release of President Trump’s tax returns. We will never fully know the extent of President Trump’s entanglements with Russia until we can examine his tax returns. Congresswoman McCollum is a co-sponsor of the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (H.R. 305) to force President Trump to drop his unprecedented insistence on secrecy and make his tax returns public.